The Houston Area Library Automated Network (HALAN), which serves 8 public libraries in the Houston and East Central Texas area, is a computer network operated by Houston Public Library,


HALAN Mission Statement

To partner through technology to provide creative solutions to our information needs.

HALAN will:

  • Use leading-edge technology to provide most efficient and effective service to the client
  • Assist library staff in the creation of a strong, coherent sense of place on the Internet, while ensuring that the library remains a useful and consistently innovative environment
  • Serve clients in the evaluation, selection and implementation of electronic and technological resources
  • Continually seek enterprises that provide both services to our community and funding for our operations
  • Remain open to new ideas and partnerships.

Why join HALAN?

HALAN can:

  • enhance your institution's image and prestige
  • help to make contributions to the community that were not possible before
  • create more opportunities for cooperation and corroboration
  • help you diversify revenue.
  • manage the non-core operations so that your institution has the potential for significantly improving the quality of customer service (QOS), e.g. reducing the internal costs so you can reinvest these funds in public services.
  • negotiate site licenses (including all types of software, not just ILS or database subscriptions)
  • improve operating processes, through consultation and sharing of experience with other members
  • provide group training on the products we provide